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This has been an interesting year!  One of our ram lambs that we were keeping - Pirate - crawled through a hole in the fence to be with our adult ewe flock.  To the people who ask me "how many ewes can a finn ram breed?"  My answer - Pirate at 7 months bred 41 ewes who had 120 lambs in a 10 day period.  I say he is appropriately named!  He is a beautiful animal and he has shown why I am keeping him - his lambs are gorgeous with great fleeces. 


The breeding section on the ram page has been updated to show the correct breedings for this year. 



Lambs in the pasture


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We are located in the Southeast corner of Washington State, where we have raised quality finn sheep since 1982.  We raise white, black, brown, fawn, gray and pied finns. We keep several different bloodlines so we can offer unrelated animals for sale. We are currently adding the R gene into our flock, and should have QR animals for sale this year. 

We breed for productivity, milking ability, consistency, fleece quality, and size. We prefer a finn that is big enough to handle their large litters, with enough milk to raise them with very little human intervention.   We had the second set of septuplets born in the US in 1985, and many of our animals go back to that bloodline.  Our ewes frequently throw quints and sextuplets, and we have had several other set of septuplets born in 2011 and 2015.  Many of those animals are in our flock - Lucky 7, who is proving himself to be a great sire, and his littermate Ms 7-UP, as well as Agent 007 who is giving his productivity to our gray and black animals. 

We like the Finn breed due to the docile, friendly nature of both the rams and the ewes. The lambs are very hardy. Most of our ewes lamb without assistance.  We supplement large litters of lambs twice a day, and leave them on their mother.


One of my last colors to set in my flock was the gray.  I am pleased to say that I have several animals that were born gray, as well as some with the fading black and dilution gray genes. I also have the brown color in both a darker brown and a lighter champagne color.   



DEVIL - one of our all time great ewes!


Devil - 3L 2-53 Celebrated her 11th birthday with her fourth set of sextuplets. 



This is the kind of ewe line we try to raise.  All of the ewes are very consistent.  She is shown here with her 2007 sextuplets  at one month old - all still being raised on her (with some supplemental milk).  Her lambing record is 1-4-5-6-6-6-2-4-4-5-6-2-1-1 for 53 lambs in 14 years, with only one lamb born dead (died in utero -  very small).  This bloodline is one of my most productive!  Angel, one of her daughters (3L 6-26) has had 24 lambs in 6 years (3-3-5-3-5-5) years, and her dam, Abbey (Witt 3-97), had triplets when she died at age 14! Abbey has a 3-2-4-4-4-3-4-3-3 lambing record for the years that we have owned her (333%, or 30 lambs in 9 years).  This is the kind we like!  Easy to work with, good mothers and lots of milk. We were sorry to lose Devil this year at age 14 but her daughters will carry on her great productivity.  Gypsy, her 2016 ewe lamb  carries the R gene and we are looking forward to her lambs. 


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