Our Herd sires are selected from proven ewe lines. All are chosen based on ewe line productivity, size, conformation, and fleece quality.  You will notice an occassional twin listed - his dam line has proven productivity and I feel they are assets to the flock.


 We are working to spread the R gene throughout our flock so we get some new blood into the Finn R pool.  As we spread the gene out, we will be selling some of the original animal.


Please excuse the dirt in some of the pictures.  This was one of our longest - and coldest - winters that I can remember.  But i usually try to get my pictures just prior to shearing so you can get an idea of the fleece.

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 Breedings for 2018


Adam - QR

11-281    13-291

14-503    15-554

15-559    16-851 QR


Agent 007

12-001 12-043

12-110 14-410


Badger Man - QR

 10-069    13-228

16-770 QR  16-783


Capt. America- QR

17-001 QR   17-023 QR

17-985    17-986



12-143    15-546

16-802 QR   16-804



13-257    15-568



King - RR

6-48     7-53

7-72    9-04

11-243   16-710

17-006 RR  17-012 QR

17-015 QR   17-884 QR

17-931 QR  17-934 QR

17-949 QR   17-952 QR

17-953    17-958



Loki - QR

  11-249    15-531 QR

15-522    15-591


Lucky 7

9-14    10-013

10-112    11-344

13-253    14-450

15-627 QR  15-643 QR

16-803 QR  16-834 QR


Mad Max

12-169    12-174

14-365    14-390

14-421    16-859



8-40    9-62

10-122    11-347

16-715 QR


Odin - QR

17-015 QR  17-019 QR

17-897   17-914

17-915    17-937

17-940 QR  17-947 QR



9-26    13-287

14-447   16-845 QR


Pirate - QR 

15-548    16-716




16-727    17-036 QR 

17-887 QR   17-920 QR

17-966 QR


Robin of Locksley


10-047    12-095

13-259    15-595

16-701    16-752


The Duke

13-218    15-507

15-631    16-723

















Robin of Locksley

Quint - White

LHF 1460


Sire:Gene Magee

Dam: LHF 923

Beautiful ram from Lighthouse Farms in NY. He is a beautiful, tall animal with an outstanding fleece.  Add a sweet disposition and he is perfect!


Twin - white

3L 16-821


Sire: 15-610

Dam: 15-643

This ram was out of a yearling Devil Granddaughter who did a great job with him. Sire is a son of 7-53. His  lambs have an awesome fleece - he's already proven himself a consistent sire.This year all of his lambs have been white.


Quad - Badger

3L 16-829


Sire: Badger Man

Dam: 3L 12-143

Nice ram with a great fleece and lots of ambition. He crawled through the fence into the ewe pen where he stayed undetected for a week. I have lots of nice lambs from him - he carries brown, pied, badger genetics.


Sextuplet - Gray

3L 13-289

Sire: Eino   Dam: 3LDevil

This ram has a beautiful  gray fleece - very different from my other gray animals. Devil was 11 when she had him - phenomenal production behind this boy.  He seems to be throwing his unique color.


Triplet - black

3L 11-269 

Sire: Eino 

Dam: 3L 8-01

This ram is  a big boy with a beautiful fleece. He was raised on a bottle after his dam died. He is one of my longer rams. He has the blackest fleece of any of my animals, with a great crimp.




Single - white

3L 17-000


Sire: Adam

Dam: 3L 16-845

This ram has it all - nice fleece, nice size and great bloodlines.  He goes back to Devil and sasha (7-53) and has some Badger Man thrown in for good luck.  I can't wait to see what he looks like all grown up!  His dam was a small  yearling so don't hold the single birth against him!


Lucky 7

Septuplet - White

3L 11-282 


Dam: 3L 6-46
Septuplet ram out of a long line of great producers, including his sextuplet grandfather. Great fleece, tall and long - this boy has it all!



Agent 007

Septuplet - Gray

3L 15-562

Sire: Lucky 7 

Dam:3L 11-247

Flashy ram out of two of my best white lines. I'm looking for him to add to my colored fleeces as well as over all size in my colored flock. He looks like he is going to be a beautiful light gray color. He is not pied - the color difference is just shading.

 Dream Catcher

Triplet - Gray

3L 15-585


Dam: 3L 12-110

I could not resist this boy - he has the most amazing fleece and body.  His color is unique - a pretty varigated gray with the long fleece of his dam.  Beautiful animal.






Triplet - White

3L 15-651


Sire: Gene Magee

Dam: 3L 13-330

Nice muscular ram with a gorgeous fleece. He carries a recessive brown gene from his dam. He isi passing on the muscles that his sire throws.

Badger Man

Triplet - badger

3L 15-550


Sire: Captain Hook Dam:14-410

I was not going to get into the badger color but who could resist this guy? Muscles everywhere, and a triplet out of a yearling. What's not to love? He also carries a recessive brown gene. If you look at his fleece you can see the gray color of his body. I am keeping his son Pirate.


Quad - Brown

3L 12-179

Sire: Batman 

Dam: 3L 10-069

This ram was an unexpected treasure.  He brings the best of my white fleece animals into my brown flock.  His dam had 7 lambs by age 2! He is a large ram with an exceptional fleece which is a beautiful light brown. 

The Duke

Quad - Brown

3L 14-449

Sire: The Chocolate Man

Dam: 3L 10-122

Son of Chocolate out of a Devil daughter -I have big plans for this boy!  Beautiful fleece and sweet disposition



Pictures may be used only by permission 

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