We breed for ewes that have a good framework, straight legs, large udders, and the body capacity to carry large litters of lambs.  We have found that these ewes can cross well with any breed, or produce excellent purebreds.   Check out the Hughes Ewes page to see pictures of the wool so you can get the true color of these ewes - the grays especially tend to sun-fade to brown. I have not yet updated the lifetime lambing percentages - look for them the last week of April.  Lambing percentages are updated after lambing.


This webpage can be a little confusing.  Unfortunately when ewes are taken off the page it readjusts the lines.  I filled the pages across the from Left to Right, oldest to newest.


Sire / Dam listed under Ewe name 

Lifetime lambing over 325% noted in RED under name. 

% are lifetime lambing percent  - total lambs born divided by total years lambing.

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Here are our ewes, complete with lambing records. 



Do you want to know the age of our ewes?  That's simple - the first digit of their number is the last digit of the year they were born. 


For ewes and lambs born starting in the year 2010, the first two digits will denote the year born.



(This only works with the 3L numbers.)





3L 6-48 (Jezebel)

WC Chocolate / Abbey (Witt 3-97)

Quad - Gray

364% lifetime lambing

Abby daughter with a beautiful fleece. Has had 40 lambs in 11 years - a 2-3-4-3-4-4-3-4-4-4-5 lambing record

3L 9-26 (Kenyon)

WC Eino / 3L 7-53

Triplet - Brown pied

Quads by Pirate

350% lifetime lambing

A beautiful brown pied with distinctive white patterns.  One of my longest ewes.  Nice brown fleece. Has a 2-3-4-4-4-3-4-4 lambing record.

3L 10-047 (Magdalene)

 Xypher/Abbey (Witt 3-97)

Triplet - Black

Quads by Pirate

271% lifetime lambing

Abbey daughter who carries a recessive brown gene. Has a 1-3-3-2-3-3-4 record


3L 10-112 (Mandy)

3L Xypher / 3L 6-57

Quint - white

328% lifetime lambing

Quints by Duke

Beautiful ewe who has a 1-4-4-3-(2-2)-2-5 lambing record.  Fall Lambing. Nice fleece!  Carries a brown gene 


 3L 11-243 (Little Mama)

WC Chocolate /  3L 1-16

Triplet - gray

283% Lifetime Lambing

Quads by Pirate

Nice ewe as only Big Mama can throw them. she has a 3-2-2-3-3-4 lambing record 


3L 11-347 (Misty)

3L10-003 / Meeka 3L 6-36

Quint - black

283% lifetime lambing

Single by Pirate

Black ewe out of Meeka, this ewe is following in her dam's footsteps.  She has a 3-4-2 lambing record.

3L 12-001 (Yasmin)

3L Usher /  11-345

Triplet - gray

280% Lifetime

Quads by Pirate

Beautiful ewe that I raised on a bottle when her dam was hurt shearing.  Gorgeous soft gray color.  Throws gray with this breeding. Has a 2-4-(2-2) lambing record - had twins fall of 2015 

3L 12-014 (Myra)

3L 10-003  / 3L 11-347


Triplet Meeka Granddaughter who is very black with a gorgeous fleece.  I am hoping that Magnum produces true black lambs with her.  2-4 lambing record. 


3L 12-174 (Catwoman)

3L Batman  / 3L 11-278

Twin - brown

Triplets by Pirate

This little ewe out of a yearling is friendly and has a beautiful fleece.  She should produce outstanding lambs.  High production behind this girl on both sides. Started right with a 2-3-4-2-2


3L 14-390

3L Magnum / 3L 13-287

Single - Brown

Devil granddaughter out of a sextuplet this little girl has the gorgeous fleece and build that I expect from this bloodline.


3L 14-421

3L Phantom / 3L 12-024

Single - Brown


WC Chocolate Man / 3L 10-122

Quad - black


3L 15-507

3L Stryker / 3L 9-86

Triplet - Brown

Single by Loki


3L 15-546 - Meeka

Magnum / 3L 11.347

Quad - black

Triplets by Capt Hook

Nice ewe out of a great line of heavy producers.  She has a 1-3 lambing record


3L 15-568

Eros / 3L 11-344

Quint - Black Pied


3L 15-595

Magnum / 3L 10-122

Quint - white


3L 15-627

Gene Magee / 3L 6-15

Triplet - White





















 3L 7-53 (Sara) 

WC Chocolate / WC3014

Quad - Gray

Twins by Robin

267% lifetime lambing

Quad ewe who carries a brown recessive gene, she has a nice fleece and udder.  She is 1/4 imported genetics from Finland. She has a 1-3-4-3-3--2-2-3-3-2 lambing record.  Throws a nice fleece.

3L 9-04 (Teri)

3L Teddy / Mary (3L 7-72)

Quad - blue-gray

Quints by Pirate

425% lifetime lambing

One of my super producers.  Abbey granddaughter with a beautiful light gray fleece.  Has had 34 lambs in 8 yearrs - a 3-4-4-5-5-4-4-5 lambing record.

3L 9-14 (Ice Maiden)

3L IceMan / 3L 6-15

Triplets by Pirate

288% lifetime lambing

Quint ewe out of a great line, this ewe is long with an outstanding fleece.  Has a 2-4-3-3-3-3-2-3 lambing record


3L 10-013 (Snow Maiden)

3L Atlas / 3L 8-10

Triplet / white

lifetime lambing

Large ewe who has a 2-4-4-2-5 lambing record. One of the biggest in my flock 


3L 10-069 (The Lady)

WC Eino /  3L 8-40

Triplet - Gray

Single by Pirate

285% lifetime

Beautiful ewe with a 3-4-4-5-1-3-1 lambing record. Dam of Phantom . 


3L 11-344 (Jade)

 10-003  /  WC 3014

Quint - white

366% lifetime lambing

Quads by Pirate

Beautiful quint ewe out of a great line.  Nice build. Carries a brown gene from her sire.  Has a 4-3-2-5-4-4 lambing record.

3L 12-043 (Isidore)

3L Batman / 3L 8-11

triplet / gray

Beautiful ewe out of a long line of dark gray animals.  This line is born gray.  This cross should give big lambs with a nice fleece.  2-3-3 lambing record

3L 12-110 (Moonbeam)

3L Romeo /Devil 3L (2-53)

Quint - light gray

One of my last Romeo and Devil daughters, this  ewe has a beautiful light gray fleece with exceptional crimp.  Raised on a bottle she is a spoiled brat who has carried on the production of her dam. Has a 2-4-3-3 lambing record

3L 12-143 (Olivia)

3L Casanova  / 3L 11-341

Twin - light gray

300% lifetime lambing

Quads by Capt Hook

I couldn't resist this little lady when she didn't sell.  A twin out of a yearling, she has the most beautiful long soft gray fleece I have ever seen. Twins 2-2-(2-2)-4 lambing record.

13-253 (Babydoll)

3L Atlas / 3L 9-89

Quint - white

Quads by Pirate  

Nice ewe who is tall with a nice fleece. Has a 1-2 lambing record

3L 13-291 (Showgirl)

3L Lucky 7 / 3L 6-15

Triplet - white

Triplets by Pirate

I had to keep this little ewe - I've never had one with a single black leg before.  everything you would expect in a 6-15 daughter. 1-3-3-3 lambing record


3L 14-365

3L Phantom / 3L 9-14 

Triplet / fawn

These lambs will all be black and should have nice fleeces

3L 15-522

3L Phantom / 3L 9-01

Quad - White

3L 15-548

Captain Hook / 3L 14-410

Triplet - badger


3L 15-631

Graham / 3L 11-278

Triplet - brown













3L 7-72 (Mary)

3L Romeo / Abbey (Witt 3-97)

Triplet - Gray

 Lifetime Lambing

This Abby daughter has a beautiful long blue-gray fleece.  One of my largest ewes.  3-4-4-6-5-3-4-(3-2) lambing record. This ewe lambed last fall as well as in the spring.  Consistent production.  

3L 8-40 (Duchess)

3L Mr. B / 3L 5-48

Triplet - Gray

Twins by Robin

389% lifetime lambing

This ewe has one of the longest grayest fleeces in my flock.   Has a 2-3-5-5-4-5-4-5-2 lambing record  

3L 9-62 (Sexy)

3L Romeo / Meeka (3L 6-36)

Sextuplet / blue-gray

Twins by Pirate

225% lifetime lambing

This ewe has an amazing fleece, beautiful blue/gray color.  Has a 1-3-1-3-2-3-3-2 lambing record. 


3L 10-122 (Ebony)

3L Xypher / 3L 2-53

Quad - black

Triplets by Capt Hook

400% lifetime lambing

You can't beat a Devil daughter, and this one is gorgeous.  Has a 4-4-4-5-4-3 lambing record (not bred her first year.)  


3L 11-249 (Batgirl)

3L Batman  / 3L 8-67

Triplet - brow

233% lifetime lambing

Triplets by Pirate

Ok, I admit it - I'm a sucker for a lamb who follows me everywhere and just looks cute.  Good thing this one is a triplet with a great blood line. Has a 2-2-1-3-3-3 lambing record

3L 11-281 - Miss 7-Yp

3L IceMan  / 3L 6-46

Septuplet - white

383% lifetime lambing

Quads by Pirate

Very nice ewe who is going to be as large as her dam.  Two great families behind her.  These lambs should be awesome. Has a 2-3-5-4-5-4 lambing record


3L 12-095 (Calypso)

3L Romeo  / 3L1-16

Triplet - black

220% lifetime lambing

Triplets by Pirate

Another little triplet ewe from one of my oldest families, she is growing well. 1-2-3-2-3 lambing record


12-169 (Tootsie)

3L Batman  / 3L 8-82

Triplet - brown

Triplets by Pirate

This ewe has a gorgeous fleece and takes her dam's place in my flock.  Friendly too.  She has 3 of the cutest brown ewe lambs - all brown with no white.  1-3 lambing record.

3L 13-218 (Taffy)

3L Phantom / 3L 11-249

Twin - brown

Triplets by Phantom

This twin ewe is a big framed ewe. Nice color. Had 3 her first year of lambing 

3L 13-228 (Princess)

11-252 / Magnum

Quad - gray

300% lifetime lambing

Quads by Pirate

Sweet little quad ewe that we raised on a bottle.  Beautiful fleece.  Has a 2-3 lambing record

3L 13-257 (Dot)

3L Mr. Spot / 3L 8-22

Triplet - pied

Triplets by Pirate 

Highly marked ewe out of the Big Mama bloodline.   Twins her first lambing

3L 13-259

3L Atlas / 3L 11-281

Triplet - White


3L 13-287 (Xena)

WC Eino / 3L 2-53 (Devil)

Sextuplet - black

Nice Devil daughter with a great dark fleece.  Nice build. A real sweetheart in the flock! 1-3 lambing record

3L 14-410

3L Magnum / 3L 12-014

Quad - Black

Nice bloodline, great overachiever her first year lambing. 


3L 14-450

2L Acheron / 3L 10-013

Twin - white

3L 14-503 QR

LHF Robin Hood / 3L 13-344

Single - white


3L 15-513 QR (Poison Ivy)

3L Robin / 3L 11-249

Triplet - White

Twins by Badger


3L 15-559

Lucky 7 / 3L 11-247

Septuplet - white


3L 15-591

Eros / 3L 10-112

Twin - white



3L 15-643

Gene Magee / 3L 6-26

Triplet - white












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