R Genotyped Animals For Sale

Here is a list of the QR animals for sale on our farm.  We use Genecheck for our testing - simple and accurate. We test at the 171 Codon. All QR animals are $450.  RR animals will be $800.


Pictures can be seen under the individual lamb color page or the ram page. I have sent off more tests of black and badger animals - coming soon!

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QR animals For Sale
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Badger Ewe Lambs
Badger Rams Lambs
Black Ewe Lambs
Black Ram Lambs
Brown Ewe lambs
Brown Ram Lambs
Grey Ewes Lambs
Grey Ram Lambs
Pied Ewe Lambs
Pied Ram Lambs
White Ewe Lambs
White Ram Lambs
Hughes Ewes Wool
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